Kannawa Onsen

Natural hot spring with 260l of water/min from the water source

Beppu is a hot spring town while Kannawa is the one with the largest number of resorts and spas.
We’re the discernible natural hot spring resort designed for pure relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit.

Beppu, Kannawa
Hot Spring Village

Kannawa has epitomized authentic Japanese hot spring relaxation for centuries.

Kannawa is a hot spring village with a huge number of natural water sources.
People in the ancient times have loved hot springs for the comfort and medical values they bring to mind and body, and Kannawa has been famous for this soothing tradition. Visitors have been using the hot spring steam to make “foods steamed in hell” to take their peaceful journey to the next level.

Natural hot spring water source

Natural waters that emerge from the bowels of the earth Possessing therapeutic properties for comfort and indulgence.

Our hot spring is situated at the natural groundwater discharging spots. Without exposing in the air, changes in the water texture and component are minimized so the hot water is 100% pure at all times. Natural hot spring is extremely difficult as all factors like geographical considerations, water texture, and water temperatures have to be perfect.

Exclusive water source

What is “exclusive water source”?
・It’s defined by the “Hot Spring Laws” in Japan.
・It refers to the exclusive water source of facilites or spring water pumped to the facilities from common sources.
What is “Kakenagashi”?
・The soaking pool is always filled with new hot spring water.
・Sufficient water is pumped into the pool so water is always overflowing.
・Water that overflows from the bath is not filtered and reused.
・No water overflow is circulated to the bath.
What is “Gensen kakenagashi”?
・The natural hot spring water comes directly from the ground (free flowing). One important part of the water used at these types of hot spring is that the water that overflows from the bath is not filtered for reuse or circulation.

Basic information of our hot springs

Our exclusive natural hot spring is slightly acidic with silicic acid in pH3.2; it’s moisturizing, skin-beautifying, and therapeutic.

Water texture Sodium chloride hot spring
Benefits (healing power) Boosting blood circulation, relieving neuralgia/ joint pain, heal and improve skin problems (like eczema and psoriasis), reducing stress, promoting better sleep, rehabilitation power, healing wounds, healing motor paralysis.

Open air baths

New open air hot spring Behind the public bath

Be intoxicated with fantastic hot spring steam unique to natural hot spring villages.

Hot spring opening hours

Inner bath

Luxuriate in our spacious inner bath For a true, real indulgence

All our hot springs are “gensen kakenagashi” (natural), exclusive to resort guests.

Hot spring opening hours

Private bath
(family bath)

Claim the soothing private space your own Soaking in true relaxation

We also have family bath.

Hot spring opening hours
(*) 50-min/ session (free of charge)


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