Guest Room

Be intoxicated with fantastic hot spring steam…

Kunisakisou, Beppu Kannawa Hot Spring Village Resort has been renovated with the theme of “Oita”- the comfort of soaking in natural hot spring.
Indulge in our soothing Japanese modernity.


Our resort continues to support efforts in moving towards endemic living with its slew of innovative solutions, while keeping with the health and well-being of our guests and community in mind.
Click on the PDF below and get to know what we are doing. We aim to provide the best-in-class hygiene excellence.

Model course to feel Beppu and Kannawa

Kunisakisou brings you to “our Beppu”- the anecdotes and insights of the resort’s concierge team. Beppu and Kannawa simply bristle with energy.

Explore Beppu

Tourist hotspots in our town


Experience the human warmth and nostalgia…

Our resort has epitomized luxurious elegance and debuted an extensive collection of advice on soothing activities for guests, inviting them to experience “true, real Kannawa”.

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Our location

Approx. 50 min limousine bus from Oita Airport

Approx. 5-min drive from Beppu IC. Around 15-min from JR Beppu station by taxi.
Kunisakisou is located in “Kannawa Hot Spring”, one of the eight hot spring villages of Beppu. Our resort is located at the heart of this historical therapeutic hot spring village.

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4 discernible features

of our natural hot spring resort at Kannawa

Natural hot spring with 260l of water/min from the water source.
We're the ultimate dining destination presenting seafood course meal and “foods steamed in hell”.


Irreplaceable Kannawa hot springs like nowhere else

A truly palatial space unrivalled in its soothing natural hot spring.

Beppu is a hot spring town while Kannawa is the one with the largest number of resorts and spas.
We’re the discernible natural hot spring resort designed for pure relaxation and rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit.


Extraordinary Kannawa moments

A stunning convergence of design and luxury taking your trip to new heights

Let the quaint atmosphere of Kannawa relieve your everyday weariness.
Luxuriate here and create your own unforgettable moments.


Heart-healing Japanese modernity

A pure relaxation space & a Japanese shochu bar are now opened!

Our resort is renovated while keeping our retro chic items, irreplaceable history and traditions. Retreat into our luxury.


Essence of nature locked up in our artistic dishes

All veggies and seafood are locally grown produce

Your venerated Japanese fine dining destination to serve up our classic “foods steamed in hell” with local vegetable and seafood produce. If you miss it, then you haven't really seen Kannawa and Beppu at all.